Google AdWords, Yahoo, and Microsoft Ad Center Campaign Design

Web epagentry specialty!Google is the Web’s most comprehensive and most often used search engine, accounting for over 65-75% of all Internet searches.  It makes sense to advertise there and to invest a portion of your advertising budget to gain local, regional, and even national exposure.

When one does a Google search, the “hit list” of results is shown on the left side of the page. Paid ads are shown on the right side of the page; these are “pay-for-clicks” ads, or “AdWords” ads.

Epagentry has extensive experience in designing targeted, pay-for-clicks campaigns and in marketing our clients’ sites via Google AdWords. We currently manage large, successful AdWords campaigns for entities engaged in oil & gas, financial services, retail sales, antiques, real estate and high-technology ventures.

We can assist your company in:

  • developing a web advertising and marketing strategy
  • writing and composing actual ads that are succint yet eye-catching
  • identifying “key words”
  • establishing your budget
  • setting up the campaign and ad groups
  • providing management reports
  • fine-tuning the campaign over time

Epagentry also has experience in structuring Microsoft Bing Ads services.

Contact Epagentry now for information on how we can assist you in effectively marketing your company on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

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