Web Site Maintenance

You have a website, but you know it needs help. You want to revise, edit, change, enhance or maybe even overhaul your web pages and redesign your website.

While "do-it-yourself" template-driven web sites such as GoDaddy are perfect for many small business owners, often the design software/interface turns out to be more difficult than advertised. In other cases, the business owner just does not have time to maintain it. Epagentry's web site maintenance services are the solution!

Our web site designers can revise text, update images, add new pages, edit existing pages, modify templates, and change color schemes or layouts.

We can add regular content such as news releases, newsletters, new products or monthly specials.

Or if your business product mix or strategy has changed, we can help you re-design your web site, and implement a refreshed look, or a new slant, and add new features to your web pages.

We have years of solid, proven experience in maintaining sites designed "from scratch" using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 as well as those developed using template-based, "do it yourself" products and services such as:

  • Register.com "Do-It-Myself Websites"
  • GoDaddy Website Builder
  • Yahoo Small Business Solutions
  • AT&T YellowPages (YP)
  • WebStarts
  • SiteBuilder
  • Google Blogger/Blogspot
  • Homestead - Intuit
  • and others

We can work under a maintenance agreement based on an hourly rate, or arrange a contract for a stipulated monthly or annual fee.

Do you need help with your web site? If so, contact Epagentry today!

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